Designing a marketing plan template is a way for your firm to save time, money, and confusion when launching new marketing initiatives. A marketing plan template ensures that critical goals are kept in the foreground and that important considerations aren’t forgotten in the rush to market. The trouble is determining what elements need to be included in the original marketing plan template to ensure it is complete.

Key Goals
A solid marketing plan template has to include your organisation’s key goals. Why are you embarking on this campaign in the first place? What do you hope to achieve? Clearly stating your objectives at the start eliminates the temptation to waste time and money on tangential concerns or fall prey to unnecessary add-ons in advertising packages.

Strategies by Channel
Your marketing plan template needs to include summaries of your marketing strategies broken out by channel. For example, what is your strategy for connecting with your target market in social media settings? What is the go-to-market format for traditional print advertisements? Again, laying this out briefly but clearly in your marketing plan will keep things on track.

Benchmarking Data
A complete marketing plan template should also include summaries of key benchmarking data points. These can help guide decision making, especially in situations where your firm is trying to move in a new direction. Reminding planners in each marketing plan template that competitors are having more success in online channels, or that the ROI on TV ads is only four percent, can help eliminate the repetition of costly mistakes.

Measurement of Success
Last but not least, your marketing plan template must include a place to spell out the metrics that will measure the success or failure of your marketing plan. While you may know your key marketing goals going into any given marketing campaign, how are you going to know if your choices were correct? Before beginning, it is vital to establish how the wisdom of the campaign and the return on your marketing spend will be judged.

In your marketing plan template, spell out what success looks like and what might trigger an early end to the campaign. You will want to include hard numbers, such as ROI, conversion percentages, new customer contacts gathered, and so on. However, don’t neglect to consider customer feedback and reputational points in your plan as you design your template.

Marketing plan templates are valuable time savers for any firm. Without one in place, it can be hard to keep a firm hand on marketing efforts and the results of your marketing spend. By designing a template with the key elements include, you put your organisation on the right track for marketing success.

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