The saying goes that you don’t notice your good reputation until it’s gone, but by building response tactics into your marketing strategy template the loss may not have to be a sudden or surprising one – or realistically even happen at all.


Your basic marketing strategy template includes the firm’s strategic goals tied to a series of marketing objectives.  The document tends to focus on the possible and the probable, with a section devoted to market challenges to be overcome through effective marketing.  However, have you truthfully included reputational risk in your marketing strategy template?


Reputational risk comes from all corners these days, but it is technology that has truly driven it to the forefront of conversations about corporate goodwill.  Were it not for the best of modern technology, we wouldn’t have seen the closure of News Of The World, embarrassing internal tweets making headlines, or cell phone photos from private parties shaming everyone from the royal family on down.  As a responsible business entity, you have to consider the possibility of an outright marketing disaster, and make sure your marketing strategy template includes planned PR response tactics.


It may sound like fear-mongering, but flip through any major paper and you can find the stories for yourself.  The fallout from the News of the World mobile phone hackings outranked the Arab Spring and the Eurozone debt crisis at its peak.  A hundred smaller incidents unfold daily, and your customers and clients will expect your firm to have a response ready for almost any marketing crisis.


At a minimum, your marketing strategy template should save a space to name the designated voices of your company in a marketing meltdown.  From there, building out response channels or official strategies for responding to issues in the dominant marketing channels for your industry should be undertaken.  Linking with corporate communication groups, PR partners, SEO contractors, and image consultants may also be quite useful.


The more robust your marketing strategy template is for reputational risk elements to your marketing strategy, the better you will be able to respond to items that compromise your organisation’s reputation.  From commercials gone wrong to employee-initiated embarrassments, the pitfalls are real.  If you are intimidated by the potential for problems or the idea of designing a comprehensive marketing strategy template that includes reputation management, reach out or read some of other posts on the developing a marketing strategy.  Wellmeadow consultants have the experience to guide you or serve as your development agents in building a marketing strategy that truly addresses your firm’s needs.


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