Status quo. Comfort zone. That’s the way it’s always been done. So why change?

Perhaps life is good – you have everything you need, health, prosperity, happiness. So there is no need to change – right?

But the world around you, the competitors, the market place, your suppliers and the economy, unfortunately don’t want to play game and stay still, and if you stay as you always have, you will surely enter a death spiral as those around you become more and more competitive and you will falter.

This is true not just for an individual, but for a company.

Now, it is not right to advocate revolution in what you do, but what is required is constant evolution of your personal and company’s skill set.

So what is the catalyst for change? Typically the UK & US has a short term financial focus, which forces changes in the marketing and personnel mix. In the Japanese and German models, a longer term focus is adopted allowing longer term investments in capital and personnel. But as global barriers to trade diminish, UK & US firms must compete against firms from all economies with all investment models.

Many UK firms find themselves in a position of fragility in the globally competitive marketplace, but also with a real opportunity to increase their efficiency, competitiveness and profitability by introducing best practice from leading edge businesses. The threat of decline into a death spiral and ultimate insolvency can often be the catalyst for change that creates stronger firms than those that just sit within their comfort zone.

And for the individuals within the competitive markets, it is survival of the fittest, and those who continue to learn, be flexible, and push themselves outside of their own comfort zones will be the managers and directors who prosper, whilst those who stay in their status quo others will fall by the wayside.

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