The prime objective of setting up a business is usually to generate revenue. In order to do this you need to make sure that you get things done, so that you are able to meet your objective. This sounds very simple, however when applied to a complex company getting things done can sometimes be harder than originally thought. As a manager or business owner, to get your employees or colleagues to get things done, you usually need to get them to commit to something so that they assume responsibility.

Let’s consider a recent episode of the BBC’s The Apprentice as an example. In this episode the three individuals in the boardroom facing the cut fit into the below categories:

Person 1 – The manager
Person 2 – The person who committed to do something
Person 3 – The person who did not commit to anything

By asking for the role of Project Manager the manager was committing to lead the team to success. Person 2 then came up with the idea which would make the team money, which the Project Manager readily agreed to. Person 2 convinced the Project Manager to agree with him by making a commitment that the team would sell a certain amount of the product. The reason person 2 ended up in the boardroom wasn’t because he came up with a bad idea, the idea was fairly successful, it was because person 2 had made a commitment which he was not able to keep.

Person 3 was in the boardroom as she was accused of not contributing during the task. She had not put herself on the line and made a commitment, as person 2 had done, by coming up with an idea and making a commitment to it. Lord Sugar decided that person 3 was the person to be fired as he decided that the other two candidates had added more value during the task.

If we think of this in a real business environment, the person who comes up with a new idea to generate income will always be praised. However, unless they make a commitment to this and follow it through the idea is worthless. In order to hold people accountable and get things done, targets need to be set that employees can make a commitment to.

This is where Wellmeadow can help – by enabling employees to make commitments to complete work. The way we do this is to minute meetings where a commitment may need to be made, document any commitments as actions and ensure they are well followed up. As the action is formalised and entered into a system, the person who committed is not able to forget this and is held accountable. If the person who has made the commitment needs any help in achieving it, Wellmeadow are available to offer assistance.

This brings us back to The Apprentice, committing to do something will always be highly valued for making an effort. Companies usually realise that it is not always possible to honour a commitment, despite best efforts. An employee who makes a commitment to do something to bring in revenue and acts upon it, has a much higher value than an employee who makes no commitment and does not .

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