Giving your sales force the right tools for the job is half the battle in ensuring that you get the best out of them. Recently, we have come across a number of tools that we think can help the sales managers get better information quicker and more efficiently from their teams.

Live scribe pens

Pick up the pen, turn on the optional microphone to record the meeting, write your sales meeting notes in your book, finish the meeting (hopefully closing the sale!). Then, plug the pen into your laptop and sit back and watch as the handwritten notes are converted into a word document – no more transcribing notes into your CRM! At £179.99 it’s not the cheapest pen you could buy but the time saved through using it is going to produce a significant ROI.

Microphone with built in video

Capture customer testimonials on site, quickly and effectively and create great videos promoting your company, products or people. Given that most people want the reassurance that other people are buying your products, this is a great way to help build your reputation. Also, given that approximately 90% of internet content viewed is video, the expectation of most of your customers is that you will be using this technology.

Swivl – Leverage your sales training

This is a great gadget! Put your iPhone or camera on the Swivl base and put the wireless tracking device on your person and watch as your recording device follows you around the room recording your every move and word! Great for recording sales presentations or demonstrations for analysis or training purposes enabling you to develop and fine tune your sales pitch.