BBC Shropshire chose their theme for this morning’s breakfast programme after seeing the press release from Wellmeadow about their assessment day for Shrewsbury Sixth Form College students today. We are selecting one lucky student to receive a £500 sponsorship offer for their time at University, in addition to the opportunity to do some paid internship work during the summer vacations.

So they visited the offices here in Shrewsbury yesterday afternoon and interviewed Dave Parry, Wellmeadow’s MD. The package appeared on air at 7:40 on Wednesday as part of a feature talking about the costs of going to university these days and the different ways to get help – like the Wellmeadow student sponsorship scheme.

Dave Parry talked about the difficulty of finding good quality graduate candidates for Trainee Consultant posts when the firm recruits, and acknowledged the draw of the bright lights of the cities as the main problem. However he explained how Shrewsbury has lots to offer, and a firm like Wellmeadow can offer a much broader range of opportunities to gain skills and experience than joining a much larger firm as part of an intake of dozens of graduates each year. He explained how the idea had come about, as the result of recruitment process work that the firm does when it helps its clients to select short lists of candidates and designs assessment centres. It was an obvious step to turn their services on themselves and design an assessment centre for local students to raise awareness of Wellmeadow being a credible post-graduation employment option in Shrwesbury.

The assessment centre is due to run this afternoon, where nine students will battle it out for the first prize. We will post an update on our blog after the event to let you know how it went. Good luck to all the candidates entering, and thank you to you all for your interest in our company.