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Project Management like never before…

We needed to work with a group of people at one of our clients to prepare a project plan. Project Management usually starts with drafting a Work Breakdown Structure – the master list of what needs to be done in a hierarchical form before you start giving tasks to people. Now there are plenty of ways of doing this – you could just have a meeting and write down everyone’s ideas, you could all put post-its on the wall or you could write a mindmap. At Wellmeadow though, we always want to try new things so we went looking for a different way…

We were looking for a mindmapping solution where several people could work on it at once, and spark off each others’ ideas. We didn’t know if such a thing existed, but we found this and decided to try it out : www.mindmeister.com

You start with a basic map, invite your colleagues to share it, and then as you all work on the map you can see everyone’s contributions appearing in real time. All the participants have a different colour and you can watch where their cursor is moving around the map. A Project Management meeting can often be a fairly dull affair, but this seemed to create a lot more interest from everyone and a picture of what we were going to do gradually took shape on a multitude of laptop screens.

So we ran the meeting with an initially sceptical audience – and what did they think? Well, 2 hours in we had a room full of converts. It has now formed a useful online store of what we decided in a reasonably readable format – better than a long list of items (or the dreaded MS Project view of the Work Breakdow Structure). Everyone can go in to it again after the meeting has finished and add any further thoughts – and we can review the additions in a presentation next time we meet. Pretty neat eh? So we thought we’d share it with you. Below is their official tutorial video.

We have no commercial involvement in Mindmeister. If you want us to help you with anything from Project Management to running your Strategy Day, then give us a call. Please share this on your social media if you think it’s interesting. Thanks.