This is the first year that Wellmeadow has been involved with the Shrewsbury School Challenge of Management Conference, with Consultant Andrea Richardson volunteering for the role of adviser. The role of the advisers is to guide their group of students through the potential pitfalls of the tasks and is taken on by individuals from outside the school who have considerable business knowledge.

With the pressure of AS exams behind them, the Lower Sixth threw themselves in to the tasks of the day that are designed to give the pupils a taster of the types of challenges that can be presented to managers in a variety of roles.

Working in teams and guided by their group advisor, the delegates competed for the best results in a range of tasks that tested skills such as linguistics, presentation and negotiation. Throughout the day the teams made difficult decisions as a group in the business game, as they created their own start-up business designed to replicate a real life industry.

Andrea commented, “It was a real pleasure to work with a group of such bright, enthusiastic and talented young people. It will be exciting to see what sort of impact they can make in their future chosen professions.”