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PSC Register Template

Do you know what a PSC Register is? It could be 2 years in Jail if you don't! I would be prepared to bet that the vast majority of companies are unaware that the Small Business and Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 means changes came in to force this April which...

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Bringing A Dashboard to Life

Are you bored of dashboards? People talk about dashboards or sometimes balanced scorecards as essential management tools, and yet all the ones you see are remarkably boring to look at. We were challenged to come up with something better. Our start point was that...

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Get 3D printing!

Ever fancied 'printing' something in 3D just to see how it works? Or maybe you have a need for a handy little gizmo that you have thought of which you design exactly to fit your requirements. Wellmeadow owns a 3D Printer, and has now listed it on the 3D Hubs website...

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Dividend Tax Credit Abolished

The Dividend Tax Credit is Dead. So Osborne has done what I think many business owners have for years been wondering he might have done years ago. Let alone wondering why previous Chancellors hadn't. Most business owners take advantage of the Dividend Tax Credit and...

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