Our approach to recruitment is different

A structured process from candidate attraction through to selection that typically involves 70-100 hours of work (don’t worry, we do most of it!)

We understand the recruitment needs of SMEs

We’ve worked with directors and senior executives within SMEs for over 10 years and have developed a good understanding of what type of people “get stuff done”.


Recruitment that helps your reputation

Our process gets amazing feedback from candidates and leaves them with a positive view of your company and the way you do business

Average hours spent on each recruitment


Candidates still in role after 1 year


Clients who used us to recruit again

Average number of applicants per vacancy


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What is the price?

Recruiting at a senior executive level can be a costly exercise.  Our service is priced to reflect the hours of work required (typically 70-100 man hours)  to ensure that you get to see and test the best candidates.

We charge on a fixed fee basis (rather than hefty percentages) that is payable regardless of whether a candidate is selected or not.  This means we’ve not a got a vested interest in fobbing you off with any old candidate just to get a fee.  We want to make sure you get to see the best available.  If we do have to re-advertise the role, we’re happy to have a grown up chat about the fee structure as some of the work may not need to be repeated.

Typical Agency Approach

Based on 20% starting salary for £50k role
  • CVs sent across
  • Some phone support

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our clients and candidates do the talking!

We used Wellmeadow for the recruitment of a number of senior roles within our business.  We were impressed with their process to help define the role, manage the selection of suitable candidates to interview, and the design and implementation of an assessment centre.  All of our directors were involved in different aspects of the assessment centre which helped us to form a much clearer view of each candidate’s capabilities before making a decision.  Many of the candidates also commented that they had enjoyed the process.

I’d happily recommend Wellmeadow to any business looking for a professional, personal and analytical approach to recruitment and selection”

Glenn Aston

Managing Director, Ultra Furniture

“Thank you for your honest and constructive feedback.


We tried to do much the same when I had my spell in recruitment but it is sadly rare.


I wish you well and am confident given your approach that you will find the right candidate. “

Stewart W

Operations Director Candidate

“We have used Wellmeadow to help us recruit into our growing Private Client department. They took the time to understand both our business objectives and the type of candidate that would fit into the team.

Andrea went the extra mile when it came to selecting candidates for us to interview and was a great help throughout the recruitment process.

We’ve ended up with a superb candidate who will help us to take our business forward.”

Director, Solicitors (West Midlands)

Frequently Asked Questions

How are candidates attracted to my vacancy?

Campaign Management

The first phase of the process is to establish your requirements, understand the current team and provide assistance (as required) with defining the role, person specification and job advert.  As part of this process we often undertake a behavioural profile of the board or team who will be working with the successful candidate.  This helps us gain an insight into how the team dynamics might work when introducing a new member.

Once we have defined all the various elements of the role, we manage the placement of adverts across the most frequented online job boards.  We then manage all of the candidates through the initial application phase through the use of a tailor-made online questionnaire.

We provide regular communication on the campaign’s progress to make sure you’re always kept informed of the latest updates.

How are applicants screened to ensure I get the best candidates for the role?

All applicants must complete a detailed online questionnaire which is used to narrow down the field based upon pre-agreed criteria. The top candidates at this stage are then reviewed in more detail through CV reviews and analysis of their questionnaire responses. The resulting long-list of candidates are then reviewed with you to make sure we’re on the right track.

Once we’ve agreed a long-list (normally around ten candidates), we telephone interview each candidate to explore their experience, background and character in more depth. The results of this stage are once again reviewed with you with a view to short-listing the top four candidates to take forward to an assessment centre.

What's involved in selecting the best candidate for the role?

Once a short-list has been agreed (normally consisting of four candidates) we design an appropriate assessment centre.

Typically, these are held at your premises to enable the maximum number of your team to participate in the event. The usual format involves the following elements:

• Tour around the facilities to introduce your company to the candidates
• CV-based Interview
• Behavioural Interview (based on the same behavioural profile technique used to analyse the team the candidate may be working with)
• Case Study (tailored to suit the role)
• Numeracy and Literacy tests
• Candidate Review

Each interview typically lasts 45 minutes and is conducted by two people. Often, Wellmeadow will be involved in the interviews alongside your team to help manage the day and offer an external perspective.

A comprehensive review and analysis of all the candidates is then performed with all the interviewers present to help decide on a successful candidate (if there is one identified).

Can you help out with negotiations with the successful candidate?

The simple answer is yes!

Once an offer has been made to the successful candidate, we can offer support with contract negotiations, counter-offer coaching and anything else that may crop up.

We can also offer to meet up with the successful candidate three-to-six months into their role to get feedback on the company, culture or anything else that new employees often notice. We can facilitate feeding back any comments or insights raised to the appropriate people.

In addition to the above, we can provide ongoing support with respect to mentoring or coaching to help get the best out of your team.

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