What is Vantage:

It’s a membership group for people in and around Shrewsbury to hear experts from the professional business speaker circuit

  • Quarterly Meetings (Always on Thursdays from 4pm – 7pm)
  • High quality speakers covering business-relevant subjects
  • Annual memberships cost £200 + VAT
  • Get sponsored by your company to cover the cost
  • Membership can be obtained by contacting us using the form below or via vantage@wellmeadow.co.uk .

Who is it for:

Applications are welcome from people working in businesses in or around Shropshire:

  • Who are serious about their career development
  • Want to learn about new things from leading experts
  • Can commit to attending most of the 4 meetings per year

Note – it is not a group intended purely for networking or selling to each other. You’ll meet like minded people and hopefully stay in touch, but if you want to spray business cards around to get more customers then this isn’t the group for you.

8 March - Dani Saveker: GLAS, Families in Business

14 June - Lorna D Sheldon: LDS International Limited

13 September - Daniel Hulme: Satalia

22 November - TBC

What Sort of Speakers Do We Have?

Roger Martin-Fagg

Roger Martin-Fagg

A leading economist who is a regular on the executive coaching circuit. Roger publishes an irreverent take on the UK and Global Economy once per quarter, and this is your chance to hear the man himself. He puts a complex topic in to clear and accessible terms and takes challenging questions from the floor as if he’s been doing it for over 45 years. Which he has.

Grant Leboff

One of the U.K’s leading Sales and Marketing experts and a thought leader in his field, Leboff’s main focus is to address the massive changes that are taking place in a world that is constantly being introduced to new technologies and an evolving World Wide Web. He continually challenges Sales & Marketing conventions that become accepted wisdom, but don’t necessarily deliver results.

Jonathan Bannister

Ex of Leo Burnett, Jonathan has a long history of successful communications planning on accounts such as Procter & Gamble and Financial Times. Jonathan leads strategic planning at Make Happy and brings his wealth of experience to find the right strategy for their clients.

Jonathan is a strategic marketer whose passion is to help entrepreneurs and organisations map and innovate their business models and develop intimate long-term relationships for their customers and all their other stakeholders by driving deeper levels of engagement.

In February 2016 Jonathan’s work with social entrepreneurs was recognised by his inclusion as one of the 100 on the second ‘Maserati 100’ index; a definitive list of Britain’s most successful philanthropists, investors, mentors and advisors, and ascending entrepreneurs, who are today supporting the next generation of up and coming business talent.

Raymond De Villiers

Ray is effectively used in situations where a strategic understanding of the new world of work is required. He’s “been around the block” with leadership and management positions in a number of entrepreneurial and corporate organizations locally and internationally. He brings this to bear on his keynote presentations with relevant and engaging anecdotes drawing on this experience. This may be related to understanding Generational dynamics, Generation Y / Digital Natives, Gamification of the workplace, Leadership in this changing world, and being able to translate these diverse drivers of change into relevant and realistic strategies and tactical activities. He makes effective use of humour, without being a comedian. While his content is well thought through and engaging it is effectively supported by a style that is easy going, comfortable, yet engrossing, and is always reflective of the most current and up to date research in the field.

Michael Nicholas

Michael Nicholas, is a coach, corporate trainer and professional speaker, and the author of two books on leadership. Nicholas works with leaders and teams from organisations ranging from medium size, entrepreneurial businesses up to leading FTSE companies, specialising in helping them to improve their business performance and release more of every individual’s potential. In addition, Nicholas has trained several hundred people globally to become effective coaches and occasionally provide one-on-one help for private clients.

Before becoming a coach, Nicholas first gained extensive and varied leadership and business experience, as an officer in the military and through many years at senior levels in business. Nicholas is also a Chartered Electrical Engineer and Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology.

Roger Martin-Fagg

Dr David Hall

David Hall is the founder of The Ideas Centre Ltd which he created with a mission to provide organisations of all sectors with a mechanism to unleash the potential that is otherwise locked away within individuals and cultures. The Ideas Centre recognises that we can all become stuck within the backward-looking confines of conventional and traditional thinking, and the forward looking organisations of the future will install mechanisms to achieve breakthrough thinking, which will then drive the innovation process.

The purpose of The Ideas Centre is to change thinking, address challenges, develop in-house facilitators, manage creativity and innovation, and deliver organisational transformation.

What Vantage members say:

I thought the event was terrific . The venue was perfect and the speaker was so easy to listen to. His style was something of an education – very good indeed

Martin Thomas

Thank you again for a thoroughly enjoyable and informative evening (and for the hospitality!). Roger’s talk was excellent and if it’s possible to have a copy of the slides, that would be great!

Nigel Harrison

It was an inspiring and enlightening experience. I was particularly impressed with how he expressed some difficult concepts in terms that we could all understand.

Evgeny Romanov

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