This is a billboard campaign running at the moment by Lloyds bank, advertising their business banking. Quite eye-catching I thought, and get’s their message across well. I wonder how many small business think “Oh great – I was thinking we need to get more business like and do some board meetings – let’s ring Lloyds Bank?” Or how many laughed it as ridiculous, saying “We’re too small for a board meeting”.

As regular readers of our blogs and this website will know, we do board meetings. We chair around 300 per year, so this sort of campaign got me to thinking. How many businesses do you think see the board meeting as a waste of time, or perhaps a necessary evil? And how many see it as an effective way of stepping back from the day-to-day and getting some focus on the important things rather than the urgent things?

We’re sufficiently convinced from seeing businesses transform their rate of change through starting to hold board meetings, that we are investing in some software to make the running of a board meeting much less painful. It will be interesting to see what sort of reaction it gets when we launch it later in the year. More of that in a later blog post no doubt. For now though, if you want to get some free advice on what makes a good board meeting, what is in a good agenda or how to chair it effectively, then give us a call. We’ll happily share what we do if you’re a business wanting to get better at getting things done. After all, we think no company is too small for a board meeting.