Do you have a Rising Star in your Company?

In Shropshire we are competing against the big cities to attract and retain good quality people to come to our county to build their careers. One of the reasons they give for leaving is that there don’t seem to be other like-minded people in businesses around here. They feel they can learn more if they go to Birmingham or London. We are trying to fix that perception, and to provide support to the county’s high promotable people.

Wellmeadow Consulting in Shrewsbury has invested money and time to set up a forum with nationally recognised professional speakers to talk to rising stars. It meets four times per year at the new University Centre Shrewsbury, and aims to provide professional development for ambitious business people in all sectors at a very low cost – subsidised by us.

We have formed this group and have called it Vantage. We have had three meetings so far and the next meeting is planned for 9 June. It will run from 4pm to 7pm. Our next speaker is Dr David Hall who is an expert on Creative Thinking in business. Future speakers we have lined up include a team dynamics specialist and a government economist who is actually quite funny!

All we ask is a contribution towards the speaker costs of £200 per year per attendee. As speakers can sometimes cost £2,000 or more (and there are four per year) we think this is pretty good value, and not something you can access anywhere else in Shropshire. We have found that in many cases, employers are prepared to foot the bill as part of training and development.

You can find out more about the Vantage group here.

If you are interested, or someone jumps to mind, please contact us to book in and reserve a place. Of course if you have any questions, then feel free to get in touch with Andrea in the office who can explain more. Thanks for your help.