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One Process to Rule Them All

Ten years ago, a client asked us to help them recruit a commercial director.  We set about designing a recruitment process that was a bit different.

We don’t pass over a few CVs, hope for the best, and charge 20% of the starting salary.  Our recruitment process is the start of journey to attract, select, and retain amazing people.


Review the company culture, define the requirement, document the JD and person specification.  Design adverts to attract great candidates.


Use online questionnaires, Zoom interviews, AI, to reveal the best suited candidates.  Run tailored interview processes designed specifically for your business to find the perfect team mate. 


Get your new recruits off to a great start with a bespoke training academy.  If you don't need something that specific, we've still got you covered with general onboarding support.


Increase employee engagement, inspire greatness, and keep people motivated. Simple right? Get insights through bespoke tools to help you get the best out of your team and get everyone fired up!


High flying, ambitious employees are in high demand.  How do you keep your high performers?  Make sure you've got the right remuneration and benefit packages in place to retain the best talent.


An inevitable part of the employee life cycle but it doesn't have to be negative.  Exit people well, learn lessons, and ensure that you protect your employer brand with your leavers.


Free Recruitment Process Guide

Get insights into our recruitment process and use it yourself.

Spoiler alert.  It takes about 70-100 hours to run this process properly.  If you've not got the time, give us a call.


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Lead an amazing team

Get the right people on the bus (or in the raft) to help you achieve the vision.

Attract the best

If you're wanting to build an amazing team, you need to be able to attract great people.  Starting with a detailed role diagnostic, we will help you draft a job description and person specification. We also write a "letter from the MD" which gives a robust overview of the goals and obstacles facing the business.  After defining the selection criteria, we draft and place the advert to get the ball rolling.

Attract the best

IMprove your odds

With potentially hundreds of candidates applying for the role you need to have a robust selection methodology.  We use bespoke online questionnaires to capture information on candidates' skills, experience, and behaviours.  Using tailored ranking algorithms, we find the top candidates to take forward to a Zoom interview. 

Select the best

Put candidates through their paces

Once we've interviewed ten or so candidates via Zoom, we select four to take forward to a series of evaluation interviews.  This is designed specifically with your requirements in order to test for the behaviours, skills, knowledge, and culture-fit that your business needs. 

If you're interested in using our recruitment process, click the link below to see our pricing and get in touch if it looks like it could help you build an amazing team.

Read the recruitment e-book

Evaluate the right candidate

Got the team but need to drive growth?

Take a look at how we can help.

Create a Vision Drive Growth


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