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Create a vision

What could YOU achieve in the next 5-10 years?  Set big, hairy, audacious goals, smash obstacles, and unleash potential.


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Big picture thinking made reality.

Let’s be honest, many business owners immediately turn off when they hear the word “vision”.  Memories of flip charts, stale coffee, and wordy fluff come to mind.  

That being said, without a vision, your business stands a good chance of not moving forward.  Creating a vision is more than just a set of words.  It's a mindset of having a goal and then putting in the systems, measures, and hard work to make it a reality.

Values & Purpose

Get a deeper understanding of what makes up your business' DNA.  How do we act? Why do we exist?

Envisioned Future

Set big, hairy audacious goals that inspire your team.  What do we want to achieve? What does it look like here in 10 years?

Creating a Strategy

Diagnose your current situation, set some guiding principles, and build a coherent action plan. What's really going on around here?

Living the Vision

To be believed, the leaders need to live the vision.  Do leaders act consistently with the values and purpose?

Communicating vision

Leaders aren't leading if no-one is following.  Do our leaders inspire followers to engage with the vision/future of the business?

Implementing Strategy

Don't let your strategic plan sit in a folder collecting digital dust. Get it done! How do we hold each other to account for delivering the plan?

Protecting the vision

Good governance is critical to evaluating progress towards the vision.  Do we have the right structures/meetings in place to ensure the vision is achieved?

Vision & Governance

Regular board meetings can be useful to ensure that directors are focusing on the right things (read the Good Board Meeting Guide here). Do we need more board meetings?

Reviewing the Strategy

Incorporating a mini strategy review into your board meetings can help keep things on track. Do we review the strategy enough? How do we measure progress?


Run great board meetings!

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Spoiler alert. You might get so into running board meetings and developing your vision that you want some help!


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You lead the way

Our job is to help you not go off piste (unless it looks fun!)

Developing the vision

A vision is more than just setting a target for x% growth next year.  We have found that using the "Collins-Porras" framework has helped many business owners form a much more authentic vision.  The leader's (business owner) role is live the values, believe the purpose, strive for the goal, and communicate the future.

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Strategic Insights

Knowing where you want to get to is one thing.  How you get there is another.   From bringing on the next generation for a MBO, acquiring a competitor, or breaking into new markets, the options are endless.  Picking the right strategic things to work on at the right time is always a challenge among the day-to-day.


Good governance & Measuring the vision

Measuring progress towards the achieving a 5-10 year goal/vision can be problematic.  Regular board meetings with an agenda that manages the present but also focuses on the future can help you to be accountable to vision. 

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