Franchise Opportunities with Wellmeadow

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Are You Looking to Start Your Own Consulting Company?

A lot of highly capable people spend many years in employment, helping other companies to achieve their goals and reach the point where they would like to try something different. “To be your own boss” is a common goal that senior managers consider at some point or another. You get the chance to spread your talents across many companies at once, get much more variety than you would in one company and you get to be more in control of your own destiny (as well as the rewards you can earn).

Whilst some take the plunge and start a company on their own and make a success of it, it is a daunting prospect – we know; we were there ourselves in 2005. We are also aware that there are several pitfalls that are made on the way to growing a successful consulting company; mainly because we’ve made a few and seen others make different ones.

So in 2017, 12 years in to our own journey and now running 250 board meeting per year with a team of 6 we decided to offer a franchise opportunity to others that want to join us, but whilst setting up their own company. We can offer a complete start up support package and ongoing management. We will help you win clients, and structure successful engagements. We will also give you access to all of our tools and techniques, and give you the benefit of all of our experience to date.

We are aware that there are many companies out there that propose a consulting start up franchise, and several we have seen charge very large amounts to get started. We are aware that most people who might be interested could well have just exited a lucrative role with a settlement agreement in their back pocket. We don’t approve of an approach which asks someone to gamble so much up front. Our approach therefore has a much more modest set up cost. We want to build a long term relationship and therefore will work hard to make sure that you stay with us and share a small portion of the fees you earn rather than take it all up front and then have no interest in what happens next.

If you are interested, then please contact Dave Parry and arrange a chat. It’s not for everyone, but for the right person it’s an ideal way in and a great family to be part of. This could be the most important blog you’ve read in a long time.

Looking forward to meeting you.