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Company Overview

What sets us apart from other consulting firms is that our approach is designed specifically with SMEs in mind.  We know that often the constraint on progress for many businesses is having people around who are good at “getting stuff done”.  That’s why we have a team of people with a wide range of skills, an entrepreneurial spirit and the experience of similar challenges, who can slot into your business to help.

Our Values

How we think determines how we act.  At Wellmeadow we think that trustworthiness, integrity, reliability and creativity form a good foundation for building relationships.  These values are lived out on a day-to-day basis through doing what we said we’d do, going the extra mile and pushing our clients and ourselves to deliver innovative solutions.

Leadership & Governance

Experience has shown us that businesses with a clear vision usually see more growth.  However, simply having a clear picture of a destination is not enough.  A business needs leadership that embodies the values and energises the vision, and governance to ensure the strategy is kept on track.


Accelerated Business Growth

First off, this isn’t easy because if it was, everyone would be doing it.  Growing a business takes a combination of risk-taking, patience, planning, and systemisation.  Getting these ingrediants in place is a pre-requiste for growth.  Using approaches such as inbound marketing and sales automation can help build sustainable growth into the DNA of your business.


Attract and retain the best people

Having a great team is a major compenent of business growth.  Most owners eventually realise, they can’t do everything on their own!  However, people are complex, therefore getting the team dynamic right is essential to getting everyone moving towards the vision and taking ownership for getting the job done.

Three pilars of adding value

There are of course, no silver bullets or magic wands when it comes to delivering high performance.  When it comes down to it, what makes a business successful is often the blood, sweat, and tears of the owner.  Perseverance, tenacity, and taking ownership (see Jocko Willink’s Extreme Ownership Ted Talk for some inspiration!) is what is often required to get the job done.


That being said, having worked with hundreds of business owners over the past 15 years, we’ve found that there are three core areas where we can help a business increase it’s value.  There are different ways in which a business can be valued but a common method is to apply a multiple (e.g. 3x) to the EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortisation).


This gives owners two levers to increase the value of their business; increase the multiple, and increase the profts.  To help you acheive this you need great leadership and governance, a marketing and sales machine, and the best people around you.  We can’t do all this for you, but we can help you share some of the load.

We’re always learning

We are living in times where change and complexity seem to be on the rise.  Business owners and leaders need to learn how to adapt to the challenges that they will face over the coming decade.  At Wellmeadow, we are committed to being life-long learners.  Sign up for our newsletter, download our resources, or follow us on social media to learn with us.

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