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Every business we work with is unique but over the years we’ve worked out what level of investment works for you and us.

So, whether you need some help getting started with inbound marketing,  looking for some board support, or just some extra help with your recruitment efforts, we can help.

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Why Choose us?

We work with business owners who, for a variety of reasons, find they have a skills gap on the top team.

In our experience we’ve found that many business owners take on too much and as a result can’t see the wood for the trees when it comes to board-level strategic issues.

Through a combination of insight, experience, tenacity and discipline, we help business owners with leadership and governance matters, strategic decisions and frankly help to “get stuff done”.

Create a vision

We’ve helped hundreds of owners create engaging visions for their business.  This isn’t a fluffy exercise, but a critical part of business success.  Once you know where you want to go, we can help get you there.


Build a team

If you’re serious about growth you’ll need to make sure you have a team around you to help deliver it.  We have tried and tested recrutiment processes that helps you attract, select, and build an amazing team.

Drive Growth

As you well know, growing a business is not easy.  We have worked with clients who have acheived 10x growth so we have the war stories to tell.  We can help you build a sales and marketing growth engine that helps your vision become a reality.

Businesses are a good fit if they...

  • Like the idea of having a non-exec on the board
  • Are ambitious for growth
  • Have some gaps on the top team
  • Are open to suggestions about how to do things differently
  • Have turnover of circa £2m to £20m
  • Have enough funding in place to support an investment in marketing, board support, or recruitment

We're probably not for you if...

  • You think that we have a silver bullet, magic wand, etc.
  • You’d struggle to invest in marketing for 2-3 months before you start seeing a return
  • You’re not sure you really want to grow your business

Still not sure?

If you feel that you need to chat things through or would like to speak to one of clients to hear their thoughts on our services, please get in touch.