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Company Overview

What sets us apart from other consulting firms is that our approach is designed specifically with SMEs in mind.  We know that often the constraint on progress for many businesses is having people around who are good at “getting stuff done”.  That’s why we have a team of people with a wide range of skills, an entrepreneurial spirit and the experience of similar challenges, who can slot into your business to help.

Our Values

How we think determines how we act.  At Wellmeadow we think that trustworthiness, integrity, reliability and creativity form a good foundation for building relationships.  These values are lived out on a day-to-day basis through doing what we said we’d do, going the extra mile and pushing our clients and ourselves to deliver innovative solutions.

We work side-by-side with people who are passionate about their business and want to succeed

Wellmeadow formed

Recruitment business launched

Buy new office in Shrewsbury

Team grows to 6 and counting...

The types of things we do…

Join the dots to make things happen

A client was going to pass up an opportunity to supply products on a potentially lucrative project due to tight deadlines and a lack of technical expertise.  We developed an e-commerce solution in a week that delivered a £100k profit.

Variety is our speciality

We attract and develop people who want to solve problems and real-world business challenges.  The variety of the work we get involved in ranges from working with the board on governance and strategy through to shop floor improvement projects. We’ve benchmarked supply chains to Afghanistan, measured and managed sales teams, designed business systems and help restructure companies to name just a few of the things we get involved with!

Invest in innovation

We invest in things such as 3D printers to understand how this (an other) technology will impact our clients’ industries be it automotive, manufacturing, legal, retail, etc.  We also have a robot vacuum cleaner in the office which is now saving us money on cleaning after an 8-month payback period (yes, we worked it out!)

Practise what we preach

Our desire for integrity means we always try to take our own advice.  We have regular management reviews and board meetings, quarterly staff appraisals, develop our own management systems and have fun whilst we’re doing it.  We also put our money where our mouth is and have invested in business start-ups (some worked, some didn’t) and been involved in joint ventures with clients.

Still interested in finding out more about us?


If something we’ve said above resonates with you and you’d like to have a further chat with us about your business please feel free to get in touch.  We’re happy to meet business owners to talk through their business issues and we promise not to sell!