What we do

We work with business owners who, for a variety of reasons, find they have a skills gap on the top team.

In our experience we’ve found that many business owners take on too much and as a result can’t see the wood for the trees when it comes to board-level strategic issues.

Through a combination of insight, experience, tenacity and discipline, we help business owners with leadership and governance matters, strategic decisions and frankly help to “get stuff done”.

How we do it

For over 10 years we’ve been working alongside SME business owners, helping them run their companies.  Our approach focuses on a few key elements;

  • Chairing board meetings & facilitating the strategy
  • Supporting the board/senior team to achieve the plan
  • “Getting stuff done”

We pride ourselves on being creative problem solvers and whilst we may wear ties, we’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves.


We have no notice period

So we’re only as good as last month’s work

Companies we've worked with

Board meetings per year (approx.)

Average Client Turnover (£m)

Average Employee Headcount

How we “get stuff done”

Manage the board meeting & ensure good governance

We make the board meeting happen (if it isn’t already), chair the meeting, take the minutes, facilitate the discussion, make sure actions are recorded and attendees are accountable.

Support the leadership of the business

Create the vision and build the team.  If you’re asking questions like “Where are we going?” and “how will we get there?”, we can help.

Coach the team and help with actions

We know you’ve got the day job to do which is why we have a team of people who can help support your team to make sure actions are completed and jobs get done.

Watch this 90 second Explainer…

  • Board Support & Strategy Development 80% 80%
  • Sales & Marketing 50% 50%
  • Management Reporting & Financial Modelling 75% 75%
  • HR, Appraisals, Succession Planning 60% 60%
  • Business Systems 45% 45%
  • Operations 55% 55%

Board meetings and beyond...

As part of our board support package we end up getting involved in all sorts of opportunities and challenges that our clients face.  Whether it’s developing strategic plans, managing sales team, financial modelling, HR issues, speaking to the bank, or mentoring the up-and-comers, we’ve probably come across it before!

To find out more about the type of work we get involved with and our thoughts on managing a business click on the link.

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