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Create value, not noise

We live in a period of time where attention has become a prized commodity.  How do you get potential customers to listen to you?

It's probably not going to be by telling them that you won an award or that you bought a new bit of kit.  To get the attention of potential customers you need to understand their goals and their challenges. Then give them something of value that addresses the issues.

Get Organised

It all starts with having contacts. A contact is anyone who your company is trying to build a relationship with such as a prospect, customer or supplier. Using HubSpot CRM is a great way to manage and organise your contacts.

Know Your Customer

In marketing speak, this is the “Buyer Persona” which is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on real data and a few educated guess about demographics, how they behave, what motivates them, and what goals and obstacles they face.

The Buyer's Journey

Every buyer is on a journey to where they research your product or service leading up to a purchase. This normally goes through three stages: Awareness, Consideration, Decision. Your marketing needs to speak to the right buyer persona at the right stage of the buyer’s journey.

Create Content

There are many different styles of content from blog posts, social media, video and e-books. It’s important to consider the context, that is, who are you creating content for? Make sure it adds value. Chances are, if you’re not interested in downloading the e-book, no one else will be either.

Set Goals

We manage what we measure. When it comes to marketing the old adage is that we know that 50% of our marketing works – we’re just not sure which 50%! Setting clear marketing goals helps to clarify what you are trying to achieve and demonstrate how your marketing efforts are helping the business grow.

Bring it together

Inbound marketing is not rocket science but it does need the organisational skills required of a moon landing. We help business owners by providing them with the tools and resources to help them drive growth.  If you need a helping hand to get out of orbit, let us know.

Automated Marketing

Leverage the power of marketing software such as HubSpot to help you maximise your marketing efforts.  Automatically follow up website interactions (e.g. downloading an e-book) with emails, more content offers, etc.  Use the software to nurture leads until they are ready for a sales call.

Manage Social & PPC

With so many different social media channels to monitor and market to, managing it all in one place such as HubSpot is a serious time-saving activity.  Link all your social accounts, Google Ads, and LinkedIn feeds to ensure consistency of message.

Know Your ROI

This was the "killer app" for us when we started using HubSpot.  Knowing which parts of our marketing efforts were producing results gave us insights to make data driven decisions.  If you're not sure which bits of your marketing budget are working, start measuring it today.


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Organise your contacts

Start by laying a good foundation based on organising your contacts into a CRM (customer relationship management) database.  As a trusted HubSpot partner, we can help you get set up and leveraging the power of a world-leading marketing platform.

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Plan & Create content

We have developed processes and plans to help you structure how marketing material/content is created.  To do it right takes a significant amount of time and effort.  We can help plan campaigns from concept to creation of marketing materials like e-books.  Utilising HubSpot's software, we can automate sales and marketing processes to help free up more time for you to spend adding value to your customers.

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Collect data and measure return on investment

The old adage of "I know that 50% of my marketing works, I'm just not sure which 50%" need no longer apply.  Using HubSpot, we can help you identify what marketing spend is or isn't working.  We can also track a deal back to the marketing that generated the sale.  Data driven decision making at your fingertips!

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