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Speak directly to your clients with podcasts

Creating a podcast is becoming a popular way for businesses to reach their audiences. Utilise a podcast to share your story, broadcast your message and define yourself as a leader in your field. 


Let's talk  

Reach new leads with a podcast.

Did you know that 62% of people have listened to a podcast? Then 60% of listeners say they are more likely to buy a product after being educated via a podcast. Don't miss out!


Build Brand Awareness

Podcasts are a great way to get your brand seen by a whole new audience. By creating content demonstrating your knowledge and passion for your industry it helps build awareness and boost your profile to potential clients. Make your brand synonymous with your industry and place your brand  as an expert in your industry.

New Customer

Reach New Customers

Podcasts have the potential to open you up to a whole new audience. Listeners to a podcast most likely have knowledge or experience in your industry and a podcast lets you broadcast your brand direct to them. With the use of categories and tags, you can ensure your podcast will be hitting those who will enjoy it the most.


Increase Conversions

Podcasts give a unique opportunity to truly show the value of your business whilst engaging with your audience. Position yourself as an expert in the field and convert those listeners into new leads when the time comes for them to need your product or service



How can a podcast benefit my business? 

Podcasts are free, unique audio content that your business creates to share with and connect with customers. Podcasts are a powerful way to market your business, your services and share thought-leader based content relating to your specific industry. 

Podcasts are a great addition to any digital marketing strategy. They are a powerful tool to engage with potential and current customers, offering genuine value to an inbound marketing strategy. Investing in creating interesting and consistent content that demonstrates your business expertise will help generate leads, drive traffic and create engaging CTAs.

Our Approach to Podcasts


1. Identify your niche

The first step to getting started is deciding, what is the podcast actually going to be about? Choosing a subject can be difficult, it needs to be broad enough that there is enough content for multiple episodes but not too broad that there isn't a focus. We help you identify what would be a great fit for your business by understanding what you are passionate about and developing what message you want your business to coordinate. We will also look into offerings of your competitors and similar podcasts to create a concept.

2. Define the format

Once a subject and focus is settled on, there needs to be some decisions on format. We will combine our knowledge of podcast trends and formats with your business capacity and needs to create a concept. Things to consider include planning length of episodes, the tone of the podcast and how many people are on. It can also include platform choices, whether video wants to be incorporated and branding and logos. These things may change and develop as the podcast grows but having a plan to start will help you to stay focused and create specific, quality content.



3. Record an episode

Even with a calculated plan in place, the most common hurdle is getting started and actually recording an episode! We will help you prepare for that initial recording and help to perfect the recording process in the future. Whether that's advice on equipment or just generalised feedback on delivery, we are ready to coach you to achieve the best podcast possible.


4. Publish and Review

Once happy with the episode, it is time to release it to the world. This is then a great time to reflect and review, in both data analytics and how you felt about the process. There is no harm in adjusting and re-evaluating the podcast. We will help you fine tune your content for the next episode.



Getting started with Podcasts

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